HBU-H143W-1 O Lobster Boat Fully built/painted- Full Hull L: 8″


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Fully Built and painted Model of a down east lobster boat. All of the original patterns were made in our shop with reference to the details of several prototypes and much research in books, museums, and conversations with master modelers.
Length: 8 inches  Width: 2 1/2 inches

This Full Hull version to be displayed on your mantel, bookcase etc. or on your layout or diorama on the “rails” or at the boatyard up on “blocks” to be painted, repaired.

Note: Regarding pick up and shipping of our Built-up models: Call us at 603-498-3849 for details.

Our built-up models are available for pick-up during shows posted on our website home page or at our shop in Hampton, New Hampshire. If shipping is desired, “special” packing is required and all packing, shipping and insurance costs are paid by the customer. Contact us at 603-498-3849