About us and our Products

Bruce Nickerson, Sea Port Model Works

Our products are not recommended for children without adult supervision.

We at Sea port Model Works design, hand craft, and sell an exclusive line of marine related craftsman model boat kits, structure kits, and fittings/parts to United States and International modelers in HO or 1/87, N or 1/160, and O or ¼” scales. We are the source for marine components for modelers of dioramas, model train layouts, and those who build and display fine boat and structure models. If your looking for the finest scale model boat and building kits, you’ve come to the right place. Our boats, parts/fittings and buildings will enhance your waterfront layout and help you to create the masterpiece you’re looking for.

Our kit components are primarily made from hand molded high quality artist resin, centrifugal molded pewter, laser cut wood, and photo etched brass.  The making of these components is not merely a craft but an art as we continue to meet exacting technical standards.

Our resin, pewter, and photo etched brass parts  are tough, durable, paintable, and easily machined.

Our kits include all parts and fittings necessary for assembly as shown in the photos unless noted otherwise. Detailed drawings, assembly and finishing instruction sheets are included.

Our prime objective is to provide the modeler with quality craftsman model boat kits, structure kits, detailed fittings, and accessories that give the modeler the option to either work from a kit, scratch build, or kit bash. Also to provide a model boat or structure completely built and finished to someone who simply does not have the time to model.
Thank you for visiting our website. Bruce Nickerson, Sea Port Model Works Contact me at: sales@seaportmodelworks.com

We offer our products directly to the modeler through our Web Site and Specific craftsman and model Shows.

All of our products are hand crafted in the United States

We promote “on line” or “phone” communications with our customers to discuss the model construction and finishing.

We welcome photos and descriptions for work in progress and finished boat or structure models that will be displayed on our web site “Modeler’s Gallery”. Send photos sized at 1024 pixels maximum (width or length)


Our model boat kits are freelance designs that incorporate features from prototype vessels. Very little, if any, model shipbuilding skills are required for our kits as hulls are not plank on frame construction, but rather, for the most part, 100% made for you in resin. The modeler can focus on the superstructure (cabins, etc.), rigging, and finishing and not worry about the construction of the hull. The assembly of the superstructures are no different than assembling a building structure kit.  We primarily focus on model boat kits that are “working craft vessels” such as tugs, barges, fishing and lobster boats, rail, passenger & auto ferries, cargo, lighters, etc.


Our detailed craftsman waterfront building kits will compliment your diorama or layout. The components of our structure kits are crafted from artist resins & laser cut wood. We offer buildings that we feel are suitable for a waterfront community or other coastal applications.


Our highly detailed pewter, brass, and resin marine and model boat fittings, although specific in size and recommended for specific scale applications, many, can often be used in other larger or smaller scale projects, depending on the application. Many of our high quality fittings have been designed specifically for our model boat kits.


In addition to our model boat kits, structure kits, and fittings, we offer them, built and finished, to museum standards. (Built Ups) These can be done in either stand alone or in a diorama setting.

Our model boats, waterfront structures, dioramas, are crafted by artists and professional modelers who have the required nautical knowledge, respect for the prototype and the eye for quality and detail.

Contact us at: email Sales@seaportmodelworks.com or phone us at 603-498-3849 for assembled kit availabilities.