1014Ha The Post 1850 New England Connected House w/steel roof. A Mount Blue HO scale, laser Kit.


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Footprint: 3 1/2″ x 9 1/2″

This is the ‘in-town’ version of the New England connected Farmhouse complex. This is typical of

many of the structures found along the eastern seaboard towns and harbors in

the northeastern US. A must have for the New England modeler of any era.

This kit consists of our New England Farmhouse and Small Carriage house. These buildings have

a low brick foundation as well as the optional parts found in the farmhouse and carriage house kits.

Kit includes steel roof, optional 3 window bay window, chimneys and brick foundation.

Beautifully designed to fit right into your waterfront scene to give it the realism you’re looking for on your diorama.

This High Quality, reasonably priced classic home will make a handsome addition to your maritime community. Sea Port Model Works is proud to offer these “Made in the USA” kits.

HO Scale kit