Sea Port kit: B109 HO Nick’s Ice House Laser Cut Wood & Resin Craftsman Kit –


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Nicks Kit includes everything shown in photos with the exception of the landscaping materials, retaining walls, pickup truck.


*Overhead hoist kit plus detailed dock crane!

*Rowboat w/oars, lobster traps, docks & decks

*60+ detail metal & resin castings!

*33 different items!

*Detailed instructions!

Note: landscape materials/retaining walls and pickup truck not included

Footprint w/docks & decks: 7-1/2” x 5-1/2”

Structure footprint: 6-3/4” x 3-1/2”

About the kit:
Fishing boats need a way to preserve their catch and ice is a way to do that. This structure includes the administration building and the chiller/distribution facility to provide ice in many forms to needy vessels. The fishing industry is not the only consumer of an ice house’s products. Restaurants, medical, manufacturing, educational, retail, etc. have significant demands for all types of ice products. Ice is made in many different ways and its applications are endless. If one ever gets the chance to tour an operating ice house I recommend it strongly.
You will leave with a deeper appreciation for the manufacturing and needs for frozen water.

Quite a few years back, we hired Dave Frary to build us a 6’ waterfront diorama to display our boats at trade shows. One of the structures that Dave built on the diorama was an ice house called “Lucky Williams”. Many folks who have seen the diorama asked us if we would ever offer some of our structures as kits, so a while back we started developing Nick’s Ice House kit, and finally made it available to our customers 2-14-22.