Sea Port kit: H112W HO 65′ Islander Transporter-Laser Cut Wood Craftsman kit


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A Fine Craftsman Kit

Actual size of vessel: length 9-1/8” width 2-1/2” HO Scale length: 65′

*Note: Photos shown with one extra deck item (milk cans) that are not included in kit. Deck items included in kit:  4 drums, 2 sack loads, 1 crate w/lid, 2 stacked boxes, 1 small deck chest.

This waterline kit of a charming, gas powered vessel is supplied with a solid one piece resin hull & attached bulwarks.  Includes a detailed laser cut superstructure. Kit includes fine quality resin and pewter castings. We use the finest molds & artist’s resins.

This kit is designed to give the modeler the best advantage in building and finishing a terrific model. All the original patterns were made in our shop with reference to the details of several prototypes and much research in books, and photographs. Our Craftsman kits are freelance designs that incorporate from some prototype vessels. Our inspiration to craft this model was our various sightings of the Laura B out of Port Clyde Maine (see photo).  Similar vessels can be found on any body of water that has islands that need to be serviced – approx. 1950.

The vessels primary function is to transport people and life supporting items from mainland to island and back. Items transported would be everything from fuel, food, clothing, etc, to automobiles & tractors

. These heavy-duty work boats from the 1940’s were originally designated as a U.S. Army T-57 that spent WWII in the pacific serving as a patrol boat and carrying troops and supplies. They came under fire in those days and carried two 50-caliber machine guns on deck.