Sea Port kit: H121 N Scale 80′ Lighter Barge Kit. Barge L: 6″ W: 2-1/4″


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H121 N Scale 80′ Lighter Barge – NEW RELEASE! – Note: people figures in photos not included in kit.


Beam……… 29’………………………….…

Actual size of craft: Length 6” Width 2 1/4 ”

This waterline kit of a Lighter Barge is supplied with a solid resin hull, pilot & deck house, & quality pewter castings.

The barge is used to haul freight to & from larger transport vessels, allowing freight transfers in waters that a vessel is unable to tie up to conventional piers. The freight might be fuel, fresh fruit & vegetables, canned goods, drummed oil and chemicals, cotton, lumber, etc. The mast and long boom allow for reasonable access to the deck and holds of larger vessels as well as access to piers. The barge could be self-propelled but more than likely it would be moved around with the aid of a tug.

This kit is designed to give the modeler the best advantages in building and finishing a terrific model. All of the original patterns were made in our shop with reference to the details of several prototypes and much research in books, museums, photographs and conversations with master modelers.

This model could just as easily be built and finished without our instructions by closely viewing the drawing & photos, however, for the inexperienced modeler, there is a lot to learn about modeling in general from our instructions so a full instructions are included.

There are no hard and fast rules on how to build this model! You, the modeler, will have to judge your work. If everything is perfect, then you will get very little modeling done and it will probably not look like a vessel that just put a hard day’s work in with a crew who might not be concerned about just how pristine their vessel looks.

The modeler has a great chance to weather and configure the vessel as having done some serious work or in pristine condition just after being launched. Some part modification (sanding or filing) might be required on the wood, resin & metal parts for satisfactory fit.

All of our resin parts are hand molded from high quality resin that is tough, durable, machinable, and paintable.

Many of our high-quality metal castings and brass components have been specifically designed for our kits.