Sea Port kit: H122 Derrick Barge, N Scale, 5-¾” long, 2-1/8” wide, qty. 1


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Brought out of retirement by demand

Resin – Metal – Wood

Our “N” Scale Derrick Barge is a common design that follows many prototype barges – once a common sight along the waterfront. These barges/lighters were used for loading and construction work. Many were used for marine construction work such as dock building; vessel loading, salvage and moving large rock for break walls and riprap. Our barge uses a timber stiff leg type derrick, only modified to fit a barge hull. Sometimes called a “Spud Barge” because of the two stabilizing “Spuds” used to hold the barge in position while working. A two-drum winch that gets its power from the steam boiler located in the deckhouse operates the derrick. The spuds are raised and lowered by single drum winches, one for each spud. Many work barges had four spuds. Metal and resin castings designed specifically for this kit.

Actual Size: Measures: 5-¾” long, 2-1/8” wide.