Sea Port kit: H150W HO 68′ Shrimp Boat Craftsman Laser Kit – Scale Length: 9 1/4″


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68′ Shrimp Boat

HO Scale

Laser cut wood superstructure

Hollow Resin hull and deck

Actual size of craft: Length 9 1/4”  Width 2 1/2”

Our Craftsman kits are freelance designs that incorporate features from some prototype vessels.

No model shipbuilding skills are required for our kits. Kits include all parts necessary for assembly,

as shown in the photos, unless noted as well as detailed drawings, instruction sheets and

finishing instructions.

In the early 20th century, Northeast Florida was home to a new sort of boat, one forged from Greek,

Italian, African-American and native Floridian hands. The Florida trawler would become one of the

most important vessels in U.S. maritime history, with the state supplying the world with shrimp

trawlers of all types until the mid-1980s. Here, the enterprise grew into a multi-billion-dollar industry

that contributed to some 23 foreign fishing fleets. In time, Florida would be responsible for the largest

purpose-built wooden fishing fleet ever assembled.

As written in the Jacksonville Magazine March 18 2019:

There is much written about the Shrimp boat and the industry in general. We went online for a quick look at Information resources.  Plenty of sites providing basic history for specific southern ports.

A couple of the sites we enjoyed: Bon Secour History