Sea Port kit: H114-N Sardine Carrier Kit


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Resin + Metal + Wood. Our polyurethane resin hull & parts have extensive detail that will save many hours of work. We have been able to mold the entire bulwark and deck edge guard, running lights on pilot house roof, roof on forward hatch and detailed cargo hatches etc… Actual Size: L. 6-1/2″, W. 1-1/2″ Scale Size N: L. 89 ft. (1) in pack

MORE INFORMATION: This kit/model brings to you an “N” 1/160 scale version of a vessel that would have been used around 1900 but common around 1930 and up using an internal combustion engine.These boats can still be found in operation today. The sardine/coastal freight carrier is a well built vessel that was used to transport sardines from point of capture to the processing and canning plants along the coast of Maine. Vessel sizes varied from approx. 60 ‘ with 13’ beams too 80 ‘ and 17 ‘ beams. You may prefer to use it as a coastal cargo vessel along the east and west coast or perhaps work it into a dragger . Many possibilities! This model can be used as “Stand Alone” model or as a fine addition to your “N” scale layout. It is a highly detailed kit that was designed to be as close to the prototype as possible. It is an extremely easy kit to assemble and paint.