Sea Port kit: H137 HO 63′ Full Hull Sardine Carrier – L. 8-1/2″


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Resin + Metal + Wood

Kit includes full instructions, drawings, painting instructions, and nautical glossary.

This is an exciting kit to assemble and finish and you will display it with pride.

Actual Size: L. 8-1/2″, W. 2″ Scale Size HO: L. 63 ft.

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This kit contains the following that will allow you to build a fine model of a classic boat without model boat building skills. Our polyurethane resin full hull comes to you in two parts: The upper or deck area and the lower, or keel area. Assembly is easily accomplished by gluing (CA glue) the two together then applying squadron putty, sanding excess (twice) and you have a perfect hull.

Our molds produce parts with extensive detail that will save you hours of work. We mold the entire bulwark, deck edge guard and deck planking right into the upper portion of the hull. The Pilot House walls and roof are full of detail.

Detailed resin parts include: Pilot house walls/roof, forward companion, cargo hatches, forward hatch, rudder and post.

Super detailed white metal castings include: cowl vents, smoke stacks, winch assembly, bollard, capstan, steps, life ring, running lights and spot light, seagull, propeller, cleat and fire hose.

Mast and Booms from wood dowels.

A wood display board is included in each kit for displaying your finished model on your mantel, desk or bookcase.

This full hull Coastal Freighter Sardine Carrier makes a wonderful addition to your diorama/layout as a boat on a rail or sitting on blocks in a boat yard for painting or overhaul or for you to enjoy on your mantle or bookcase. This kit is also available in the waterline version if you would also like one tied up at the dock  – see our H115-HO waterline kit.