H140-HO 78′ Full Hull Steam Tug Exeter – L. 10 5/8″


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Resin + Metal + Wood

Actual Size:L. 10 5/8 “, W. 2-1/2” Scale Size HO: L. 78 ft. (1) in pack

This kit contains the following that will allow you to build a fine model of a classic boat without model boat building skills. Our polyeurethane resin full hull comes to you in two parts: The upper or deck area and the lower, or keel area. Assembly is easily accomplished by gluing (CA glue) the two together then applying squadron putty, sanding excess (twice) and you have a perfect hull.

The Exeter is a freelance design that incorporates features from some prototype vessels. Our HO tug represents a wooden hull steam tug built for RR car float service. This is evident by her “Boot Heel” pilothouse, which raises the forward part of the pilothouse so the skipper can see over the freight cars on the car float.

Along with RR service the “EXETER” is designed to be a jack of all trades with small passenger & freight cabins in the after portion of the deckhouse. Specifications: Length: 78’6″, Beam: 18’6″, Engine: F&A Compound 12 & 26 & 18, Boiler: Scotch, Built: 1908 Essex Mass. The above specifications except for length and beam are strictly approximate historical assumptions. Tug Boats, like Short Line Railroad Equipment, beg to be modified, weathered and cluttered. This is the full hull version of our H116-HO Steam Tug Exeter.

We sincerely hope you enjoy building and installing this unique piece of model railroad scenery on your layout or diorama or to display on your mantle or bookcase. This kit is also available in waterline if you would like it tied up on your dock scene. See our H116-HO Tug Exeter (waterline).

More Information: Our polyurethane resin full hull & parts have extensive detail that will save many hours of work. We have been able to mold the entire bulwark and deck edge guard, running lights on pilot house roof, roof on forward hatch and detailed cargo hatches etc… Additional Detail:….The hull, cabin walls, decks, are polyurethane resin molded parts of the highest quality and offers superb detail. The molding of the extensive detail will save you many hours of work . The kit includes high quality ,detailed metal castings and brass sheets for additional needed parts. The kit measures 10 5/8″ in length and 2 1/2″ in width (beam). This model kit is unique as it was designed for model railroaders and no ship building skills are required……..The kit contains all components,drawings and instructions (including painting instructions) to build this kit as shown in the photos. …..Additional assembly help is available if needed by contacting the Sea Port Model Works.