N-2082 Sylvan 258′ Great lakes freighter kit, L. 19¼” W. 4″


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Cast polyurethane kit – detailed molded in place – easy assembly

Kit measures 19¼” long, and 4″ wide

Note: people figures not included

The Laker Class of ships constructed during WWI were typical three island style general cargo vessels. They served all over the world, carrying various cargoes. Our kit includes all the deck fittings, full wheelhouse interior, and etched brass stanchions. For additional information of the Laker Class ships, see Mainline Modeler, issues June, July, August, and October, 1998.

This kit, N-2082 could be available fully built for you. If interested contact Bruce at 603-498-3849 for availability time frame and pricing.

This kit is also available in HO Scale – See kit HO-1082


Note: We’ve added some interesting historic photos, along with the history following  a Laker Class ship  “Lake Flag”/renamed later “West Texas” – hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Thank you to Michael Goldsby for sharing photos and history:

History from Michael Goldsby –

I have a detailed recorded history of this ship from the moment it was built in Superior, Wisconsin (launched “Lake Flag” in April 1920 – built for the USSB), until it was scrapped in 1955 in Taiwan. In early 1920 it sailed for the New York and Cuba Mail Steamship Line (Ward Line), then later in the same year it sailed for the Cummins Line from Philadelphia to Antwerp and Rotterdam. It stayed moored in New York Harbor from 1921-1926. In 1926 it was then purchased for $25,000.00 by the Southern Steamship Company (Philadelphia) from the USSB. It was sailed to the Port of Houston and on November 6, 1926 it was christened the SS West Texas in front of hundreds of Texans that came from all over West Texas and beyond in order to be a part of the christening event (it was christened with a bottle of “crazy water” from Mineral Wells, TX). From November 1926-1942 it made weekly trips from Houston to Philadelphia transporting West Texas cotton and other goods from Texas and the newest gadgets and other much-needed merchandise on the return trip from Philadelphia. In 1942 it was requisitioned by the War Department. From 1942-1945 it participated in WW2 in the South Pacific (sailed with the 7th Fleet and home port was Hollandia, New Guinea). SS West Texas was fitted with 4” guns (cannons) and two 30 caliper machineguns at the US Naval Drydock and Repair Facility in San Juan, Puerto Rico in March 6, 1943. It was also a documented ship in General MacArthur’s “Small Ship Section” of the United States Army Services of Supply (USASOS). At the end of the war it was in the US Naval Port at Manus Island (Admiralty Islands), where it stayed until February 6, 1946 when it was sold by the Southern Steamship Company of Philadelphia to China Merchants Steam Navigation Company, Ltd. for $158,566.92 and changed names to HAI CHUEN. Its new home port was Shanghai, China. In 1951 it was again sold from the PRC to the Taiwan Navigation Company, Ltd. and changed names once more to HSIN CHU. It was scrapped in Taiwan in 1955. I am presenting my research on the SS West Texas to the West Texas Historical Association in April 2021.

Michael Goldsby