1013Hb Small Carriage House (Barn), A Mount Blue HO scale, laser kit.


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Footprint: 2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″

This is a small version of a Greek Revival-style New England carriage house. This style is still typically seen today, and in many cases, along the waterfront, may now have been converted to (and/or can be used for) a seaside market, boat repair etc., any typical waterfront business. Again, make this your own as it fits perfectly into your waterfront scene.

These structures were built as stand-alone or incorporated into a connected structure complex.

Kit consists of the same materials as the NE Farmhouse kit #1012. Included are 2 styles of ‘barn’
door and an optional hay loft door. Lower foundation is wood with etched brick detail.

HO Scale