B117 RF Kolarik Co. Un-Loader – Stationary or Traveling. HO Scale. Footprint: 5″ X 6″ (not including the boom) for the stationary version.


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B117 , RF Kolarik Co. Un-Loader, is usually a “Make To Order” product. Please allow for up to two – four weeks after purchase before it is mailed. If you have any questions please call us at 603-498-3849.

This machine is based on a similar unit built by Industrial Brownhoist. It uses a clamshell bucket and long boom to unload barges or rail cars. It can be used in a harbor scene or rail yard transferring rail to truck or narrow to standard gauge rolling stock.

This unit can be built as a stationary or traveling derrick. The kit includes both trucks for the traveling version and footings if the stationary version is preferred. (The traveling version is pictured.) The footprint of the stationary version is 5″ X 6″ not including the boom. The boom can be built to any length desired.


by Crow River

  • Kit consists of a cast resin main house molded in one piece.
  • Laser cut lattice work.
  • Laser cut window frames.
  • Includes over 80 pewter castings.
  • Complete directions and drawings make assembly easy
  • Note: landscape materials not included