1012Ha The Classic Post 1850 New England Farmhouse. A Mount Blue HO scale, laser kit.


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Footprint: 2-1/2″ x 6-1/2″

This classic style home can be found throughout the seaside towns and villages all over the eastern seaboard.  Our kit depicts a smaller version with a back ell kitchen.

A must have for the New England modeler of any era. Optional bay window, front door canopy, and canopy brackets.

Beautifully designed to fit right into your waterfront scene to give it the realism you’re looking for on your diorama.

Kit consists of laser-cut clapboard siding, basswood, 1/64″ ‘laser board’ w/peal and stick, chipboard, peal and stick paper shingles or ‘steel’ roofing, plastic chimneys, and mylar glazing. Foundations are wood with etched brick detail. All trim and windows are cut from 1/64″ ‘laser board’ so there is no grain going in the wrong direction.

HO Scale