1051-H The Classic Post 1850 New England Farmhouse w/front porch & rear shed addition. A Mount Blue HO scale, laser kit.


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Footprint: 2 1/2″ x 6″

Seen all over the northeastern US in every town and village. A must have for the New England

modeler of any era. Half of the shed would be used as a woodshed so the kit has a ‘wood’ door on

the rear. Can be built without front porch.

Kit consists of laser-cut clapboard siding, basswood, 1/64″ ‘laser board’ w/peal and stick, chipboard,

peal and stick paper shingles, plastic chimneys, and mylar glazing. Foundations are wood with

etched brick detail. All trim and windows are cut from 1/64″ ‘laser board’ so there is no grain going in

the wrong direction.

HO scale